Favourite Websites

camera & studio equipment

Digital Rev is an online digital camera & electronics superstore. I’ve been shopping there for years and have picked up some amazing deals with camera gear. 

Canon is a brand I’ve used for over a decade now! A trusted name amongst photographers, I don’t think I need to go in to too much detail! 

Camera House is an Australian based brick & mortar chain of stores with a huge online presence as well. If you want to buy from a trusted company in Australia, they’re one of the best!

CameraPro is an online & brick and mortar store based in Brisbane, Australia. They offer camera and electronic equipment at reasonable rates, and are a trusted brand amongst Australians.

I buy so many different things from Amazon for my business that it’s impossible to not recommend them! From camera gear to backdrops or even stationary, they’re a one stop shop. 

Ebay is another site that I’m constantly purchasing from! Another one stop shop, I can usually find anything I’m ever after for a good price. Plus it’s a great place to sell unwanted camera gear before your next upgrade!

B&H Photo Video have been a go-to store for photographers for a long time now. I’ve purchased several lenses from them in the past and have had great service. They also have an incredible variety of photographic & studio items, definitely a favourite of mine!

Kayell are a fantastic Australian based company who specialise in studio lighting and other photographic equipment. They’re a very trusted brand and I’ve purchased quite a few studio items from them previously, I highly recommend Kayell!

Savage have a fantastic range of coloured backdrops, I often purchase paper backdrops from them. Great quality and great selection!


Canva is my go-to branding tool these days. Although I love Photoshop, Canva is just SO EASY to use. From logos to banners or instagram templates, Canva offers something for everyone in business.

My current portfolio site is hosted with Squarespace. For the small business owner, you really can’t go wrong with them! They have a large amount of beautiful & professional website templates, they’re also super easy to use.

Portfolio Box is perfect for small business owner who can’t afford a lot for their website. I highly recommend this platform for people who are just starting out with their businesses, they even have student rates!

I use DreamHost for my blog hosting. Reliable, affordable and easy to use, even a beginner can use it!

Vistaprint has been around for quite a while now, and I highly recommend it for people who have their own business. From business cards to marketing banners and stickers, you can get ANYTHING marketing related from Vistaprint. (At a reasonable price too!)

Social Media Tools

These days I can’t live WITHOUT Planoly. It’s the perfect Instagram tool, particularly for photographers. It allows you to view and plan your feed and really give it the look or style you want. Plus it keeps you super organised with social media throughout the month!

Tailwind is the perfect tool for Pinterest users. Pinterest is fast becoming the small business owner’s social media site of choice, Tailwind makes it all easy! Primarily used as a scheduling tool for Pinterest, it’s a fantastic way to build your brand online.

Hootsuite is another great way to stay organised with social media. It’s a scheduling tool used for many social media sites, and it takes the pain away from planning alltogether!


Creative Live has been a favourite educational platform of mine for a long time. I’ve learnt SO much from some of my favourite photographers and educators over the years and I highly recommend people to go and check it out.

Skillshare is another great educational platform which is so accessible! Anything you want to learn? Skillshare is your one stop shop. 

Teachable is actually the reverse when it comes to educational platforms. Teachable is a platform that allows you teach your own online course! So for any aspiring business educators out there, go check it out!


I often shop at The Book Depository, specifically because they have a such a fantastic range of books! Usually anything I need I can find on their website. 

Dymocks are an Australian owned bookstore chain. They have an outstanding variety and I often purchase from them online and in-store!

QBD books are also an Australian owned bookstore chain. They have a good variety of books at reasonable prices.

Makeup & Hair Products

I’m so glad to say that Sephora is a place I regularly shop at! It took quite a while for the brand to land in Australia, however they have a wonderful variety of cosmetic and beauty products I often have purchased for shoots. Go check them out!

I’ve been shopping at Strawberrynet for a long time, they have a decent variety of cosmetic and beauty products, at usually very affordable prices!

Priceline is an Australian based chain of drugstores, they have a great variety of cosmetic and beauty products at affordable prices.